Projects and events promoted by GREENOVET

Join the Transition and be part of the Solution


During september 25th and 26th, greenovet partners have gathered at the Forum on Vocational Excellence 2023, in Amsterdam, to share knowledge, inspire and learn from each other.

GREENOVET provided a workshop called "Join the Transition and be part of the Solution", which aimed to boost green and sustainable innovation processes enabled by vet excellence, inspire people to join the green transition, and help move beyond the doom and gloom, and become part of the solution to address the pressing wicked problems.

The event facilitated the sharing and discussion of valuable theories, such as:

  • Identify new ways of teaching green innovation;
  • I‚Äčdentify new tools that support green education/upskilling;
  • Motivate all people (young and older) to learn, persuit education;
  • Show mutual benefits to stakeholders;
  • Be environmentally excellent;
  • Adapt a critical mindset;
  • Aquire innovative skills and waste management skills;
  • Participate in environmental assessments.

Overall, this event reinforced the commitment to environmental excellence and collective efforts to address pressing global challenges, urging stakeholders to unite and contribute to a more sustainable future.