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Following  the  skills  gap  analysis  in  regard  to  green  innovation,  publicly  available  in  the  report “Green innovation in VET: Status quo and challenges in the participating regions”, the GREENOVET team focused on identifying the status quo through critical self-assessment  of  the  most  important  enablers,  i.e.,  VET  providers.
For  that  purpose,  a  GREENOVET   self-assessment   tool   has   been   developed   with   reference   to   already   developed   tools   for   measuring   education   and   innovation   capacities. The GREENOVET tool stimulates reconsideration of the organisational culture and institutional workflow. If you are recognised as a VET provider, the GREENOVET self-assessment tool is adequate for assessing the capacities of your insitutuion in regard to green innovation. More instructions on the self-assessment and how to conduct it can be found in the introductory part of the GREENOVET tool.
Download the tool:!Akwql-vDivh2gZIfI2W4_4Ar8drn5A?e=uH2Xnp
The regional status quo in regard to green innovation has been analysed by self-assessment of the most relevant VET providers in Styria, Vaasa, Leiria and Skopje. If you want to get familiar how to implement the tool and analyse the results or if you are curious to learn the outcomes in the participating regions, check out the regional reports:
Status quo analysis of enablers Styria
Status quo analysis of enablers Vaasa
Status quo analysis of enablers Leiria
Status quo analysis of enablers Skopje Region